2 comments on “Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre’s Lone “Black Swan”

  1. I commend her on her success, I am 17 years old African American, and I will be starting ballet classes for the first time in September, I plan to practice 4 times a week. There are hardly any black or Asian female ballerinas that make it to the professional level, at times it can be discouraging but I firmly believe that if they are persistent they can make it far. I am starting ballet rather late but Im not going to let that get me down, I believe in myself as a late dancer and as Black dancer in a world previously only known to rather privileged white families. I only know of a few black girls who have considered or even taken ballet classes and I can say most black girls don’t really consider it, however I think that needs to change. Ballet is beautiful, graceful, art in motion and should be embraced by the black community. Asian females as well, I could definitely see a Japanese geisha as a ballet dancer, they are already petite and graceful in their art, and should give it a try.

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